Georgia On My Mind

This precious little girl is my cousin Georgia. There is no purpose to this post other than to show you all how adorable she is.




Lost Locks

I’m one of those people who live by constants. I have certain routines, and established ways. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new things and I like change and if I like what’s new, I don’t stray.

Throughout my tenure on The Plains I always had my hair cut at Dimensions Hair Salon by the same stylist. Lyndsey. She was amazing. She was one of those people you instantly trust and keep going back to, because not only do they do a phenomenal job but they make you feel like you’ve been friends forever. These stylists are hard to find. Thus, once you find them you stick to it.

Once I moved to Savannah I was in dire need of a trim. I found myself sitting at my desk pulling apart my split ends and snapping off the damaged strands. Driving the five hours to Auburn for a haircut was not an option, unfortunately.

I really wasn’t worried about finding a decent place for haircut in this town. Savannah is an artsy town with a ton of rich art students who shell out the big bucks for a trendy crop. I figured I’d just ask around.

After a bit of research I decided on a brand new salon that happened to be just two blocks from my apartment. About a month ago I scheduled a cut and color for the following Saturday morning.

Saturday, I woke up very excited about visiting this new salon, determined to try out a semi-new look.

All was going well to begin with. My stylist was a man. A gay man of course. He was great, made me feel comfortable and at home. Offered me water, lunch and wine even. He gave me one of those spine tingling scalp massages. It was like a day of pampering at the spa. I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

I asked for caramel and gold highlights and a choppy cut with layers galore and stressed, STRESSED that I wanted to keep the length. My exact words being, “I don’t want to go much shorter. Two inches at most just to get rid of the dead stuff.” Even while he was highlighting my hair I was telling him horror stories of past haircuts that included cuts shorter than shoulder length.

* Just as a note, my hair was down to the small of my back at the time.

Four hours later, my cape comes off I look at the floor and my heart drops. There is a lot more than two inches of hair on the floor. He turns me around hands me a mirror and cheerfully asks, “What do you think? I love it you look so glamorous!”

My chest is burning with anger, I get a lump in my throat and I can feel the tears creeping in. I run my fingers through my now SHOULDER LENGTH hair and say, “It’s great, thanks.”

That’s right. I didn’t complain. I didn’t cry and scream that he had ruined my hair and in turn taken my one glory from me. I just paid and left.

I’m not one for confrontation. And I wanted to spare his feelings. I was just too much in shock to even speak. So there went $200 of my hard earned money and 10 inches of hair.

Am I being dramatic? I mean maybe. But what I’ve learned is that I will never again in my life have a man cut my hair. I just don’t think they understand how much a woman’s hair lends to her self confidence. Especially for women with long hair.

One month has passed since that fateful day and I’ve worn my hair in a ponytail nearly everyday. I’ve done everything in my power to make it grow. I’ve been popping biotin pills and omega 3 capsules like candy. I’ve doubly increased my protein intake and peanut butter has become my best friend.

And now, I can finally wear my hair down and feel semi confidant. It’s grown maybe an inch and a half to two inches.

Needless to say, I won’t be getting my haircut anytime soon.

Here are before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Before & After




Auburn University Homicide


Lauren Burk, an Auburn University freshman, was fatally shot Tuesday night. Her death has been ruled a homicide. Gov. Bob Riley’s office is offering a$10,000 reward on the case. CNN reports:

AUBURN, Alabama (AP) — An Auburn University student was found fatally shot on a highway just before her car was discovered in flames on campus, several miles away.

Auburn police were investigating Tuesday’s death of Lauren Burk as a homicide but made no immediate arrests.

“As soon as we know more we might release it, but what information we have now we’re holding it close to our chest,” police Capt. Tom Stofer said.

University officials advised students in an e-mail around noon Wednesday that there was “no indication of additional danger to campus or student safety.” But the school said the police presence on campus had been increased.

Burk, an 18-year-old freshman from Marietta, Georgia, was found wounded on Alabama Highway 147 around 9 p.m. Tuesday, and Auburn police said her Honda Civic was found engulfed in flames at the campus about 20 minutes later. She died Tuesday night at a hospital.

Being an Auburn alum I was shocked and devastated to hear this news yesterday. Auburn couldn’t be a more quaint and quiet town and a tragedy like this has the entire Auburn community shaken. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends in Marietta and Auburn during this heartbreaking time. War Eagle Lauren, RIP, your Auburn family will forever keep you in our hearts.

* Update: Eve Marie Carson, a senior at UNC Chapel Hill, was found dead yesterday morning. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds and her car is reported missing.

There are rumors that the two deaths are linked.

Everyone please pray for the families of these two girls.

Rich and Rappin’


This past weekend I drove the lofty five hours across Georgia and into Alabama all to see Lord T and Eloise, rap’s favorite aristocrats, perform at the Bourbon Street Bar in Auburn.

The show was excellent, better even than I had hoped. Everyone had a great time, there wasn’t a still body in the house. I even got over my extreme Chorophobia and danced the night away (completely void of rhythm of course).

Lord T and Eloise, along with MysterE got down and dirty in front of a projected screen displaying photos of fellow aristocrats, mansions and distinguished ladies.


My friends and I got the chance to meet Lord T after the show and he’s a very charming fellow I must say, generous too. He and Eloise threw cash out into the crowd like it was candy.

Sarah, the one responsible for my obsession with Lord T and Eloise, sadly could not make it. She was there in spirit though and I called her a great many times and held my cell high in the air, like an idiot, so she could “get down”.

For those of you who will be lucky enough to attend SXSW this year, make sure you check out Lord T and Eloise. There is nothing short of a good time with these guys.


Sarah! I wish you had been there.

I Found Heaven Back In The Day


I was working in the Savannah office today and a coworker, Libby (the most fun you could ever have balled up into one person), took me to lunch at a place called Back in the Day Bakery on Bull Street.

Let me tell you…they had the best cupcakes I have ever had. I mean their cupcakes rival Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s in NYC, and that’s hard to do! Ellen DeGeneres, AOL and The New York Times all agree…Back in the Day Bakery has some of the best cupcakes you will ever scarf down.

I opted for the “Chocolate Heaven,” being the chocoholic that I am. Moist chocolate cake with creamy chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles pilled high. Trust me, it was heaven. If you’re not into chocolate they’ve got quite the variety of flavors, including: lemon coconut, double dipped chocolate ganache, red velvet and carrot cake to name a few.

Is your mouth watering yet?