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Meet Lord T. and Eloise, Memphis’ self proclaimed, “Aristocrunkers,” who dress up as 17th century aristocrats and rap about cashmere sweaters, golf, Aston Martins and prep school.

As for their unique look, Lord T. was born with glistening white locks and Eloise’s body is made of solid gold.

Lord T. and Eloise have been making quite the impression with their new sub-genre of rap. They were featured as editor’s picks on Blender.com, Radar Magazine featured them in their September issue outlining the growing popularity of Aristocrunk, and Eloise made an appearance at the Grammy Awards this past week.

Their upcoming tour dates include SXSW in Austin next month, and luckily for me they will be playing at my old stomping grounds of Auburn, AL at the Bourbon Street Bar. You had better believe that I will be making a special trip to The Plains just for that show!

Check out the video for their single, “Million Dollar Boots.”

2 Responses

  1. And we shall most certainly look forward to performing in our finery for you.


  2. […] past weekend I drove the lofty five hours across Georgia and into Alabama all to see Lord T and Eloise, rap’s favorite aristocrats, perform at the Bourbon Street Bar in […]

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