Sharp Dressed Man


Claudia? Can I step in? Just for a second. Pretty please?

Joseph Gordon Levitt gets “tied up” in Paris with Claudia Schiffer for a steamy GQ photoshoot.

Some girls just have all the luck…


Hobbit Has A New Habit


Paparazzi photos allow us to spy into the everyday lives of our favorite celebs. We can see who they lunch with, where they vacation and who they hang out with, but what if we could see their lives from a different perspective? Their own. With so many pictures being taken of your favorite celebs, do you ever wonder what they themselves take pictures of?

Dominic Monaghan of Lord of the Rings and LOST is showcasing an exhibition of his photography at Los Angeles’ Hamilton-Selway Fine Art gallery now through March 27.

The exhibition is titled “Happy Accidents” and according to the World Entertainment News Network is described by Monaghan as, “Those moments where you don’t expect what is going to happen, but it ends up being something good.”

Happy accidents or not, it’s apparent that photography is just one more talent that Monaghan has under his belt (In addition to acting, Monaghan is also an accomplished musician, but what actor isn’t these days, right?) This particular creative outlet is a way for Monaghan to enjoy one of his true passions. Nature. Which happens to be the focus of most of his photography.

Monaghan has been known to be a zealous wildlife enthusiast and has supported many wildlife organizations. 20 percent of the proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

The exhibition also features photos of many of the British import’s former costars from both Lord of the Rings and LOST, including Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Billy Boyd, Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellen.

These photos serve as a glimpse into the real life and interests of the actor famous for portraying Oceanic 815’s favorite junky.

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Mixed Media Mistress

Coming from Savannah and living in the same city as students who attend SCAD, one of the country’s most prestigious art schools, makes me want to try my hand at being artsy.

As of late, I’ve been really interested in mixed media art. Mixed media art is basically the cohesion of two or more artistic mediums, like gluing buttons to a painted canvas for example.

I started to research the topic. Numerous google searches later I came across some really beautiful work done by an artist by the name of Michelle Caplan, a mixed media collage portrait artist. I absolutely love every one of her pieces. She uses old photographs of family members and basically makes a montage of their lives by including elements that portray their personalities or memorable attributes. She’s very fond of using newspapers clippings or pages ripped out of books.

The following are a few of my favorite pieces. Now, if I could only figure out how she does it…..


Check out her Etsy store.

Vanity Fair Does Hitchcock

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue is always something I look forward to. This year’s issue was no exception.

In addition to the beautifully shot cover (by Hollywood’s most revered photographer, Annie Leibowitz) and the new Angelina – St. John ads (the best so far, if I may say so) is a special spread, er…spreads to be more accurate.

Art Streiber, Norman Jean Roy, Julian Broad and Mark Seliger got together with Vanity Fair to photograph some of Hollywood’s hottest, to recreate Hitchcock’s classic film posters.

I pulled a few of my favorites.


Dial M For Murder – Charlize Theron


Psycho – Marion Cotillard


Rear Window – Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem


Strangers on a Train – Emile Hirsh and James McAvoy

Click here to view more of the Vanity Fair Hitchcock Classics.