Can Guys And Girls Really Be “Just Friends”?


This is a topic that I am constantly turning over in my head. Is it possible for a man and a woman to have a strictly platonic friendship? I find it a very interesting question because so many people have so many different perspectives on the situation.

I for one sincerely believe that yes, it is possible. In all honesty I have two maybe three girlfriends in my life that I consider my good friends, all the rest are guys. My whole life I’ve just gravitated more toward male friendships and no I do not have a Cassandra Complex, my dad and I have the best relationship. I’m not starved for male attention in any way. I just prefer the company of men. I have more in common with them; get along better…the whole spiel.

My closest friends are guys. Always have been. Usually it’s a relationship where I know I can trust them wholeheartedly. I feel a lot more comfortable around guys, like I can be myself and not have girls whispering behind my back about what I’m wearing or the way I carry myself. I like to live as stress free a life as I possibly can and perhaps that’s why I prefer the company of men. They don’t bring along the baggage and drama that girls tend to.

Being in this situation, I’ve had quite a few raised eyebrows. Mostly people arguing with me that there is no way that men and women can be “just friends.” I’ve heard it from girls, I’ve heard it from guys.

Billy Crystal’s famous lines in “When Harry Met Sally” resound in my head. “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.” I mean, really? Is this true? Surely, not. I’m pretty dead set on the fact that I don’t see my guy friends in that manner (with the exception of a few) and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. I feel like they see me as a sister.

And if there are those sorts of feelings, is the friendship a scam? I’m really bothered by the thought of that. I mean if they are only around because they are thinking, “maybe someday I’ll get in her pants,” does that mean the friendship is a fraud?

I will admit though that the start of a friendship between males and females usually starts from an attraction of some sort felt by one if not both of the people. I mean, guys don’t just walk up to girls they don’t find attractive and think to themselves, “Wow, this girl looks like she would be a really great friend to me,” and vice versa (although I do think girls more likely to do this because I certainly have.)

If by chance you do happen to fall for one of your friends what’s there to do?

I mean we’ve all been there at one point or another. Do you tell them? Ha! Certainly not, right? I mean what happens if things goes sour? You’re down and out one perfectly good friendship and a piece of you is lost. But what’s worse? Wondering what could have been, suffering an unrequited love or going for the gold and either face planting, potentially ruining the friendship you had or things magically working out but for who knows how long, and then what? Of course Tennyson would go with the later, having said “It’s better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all.” And I definitely agree with him but walking the walk is a whole lot harder than it sounds.


She & Him Make Beautiful Music Together


How excited was I to hear that two of my very favorite performers, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, have teamed up to do an album together? – Over the moon.

Deschanel has been known to lend her singing voice to many of her films, i.e. Winter Passing, The Go-Getter, Bridge to Terabithia, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Elf and many others. I’ve always wondered if she’d decide to put out an album. She has a mesmerizing smoky voice that hearkens back to 1930s cabaret but yet it’s fresh and unique at the same time.

M. Ward is altogether one of the most talented musicians out there and obviously knows how to pick out a good collaboration (he’s worked with Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis, Cat Power and My Morning Jacket to name a few).

Deschanel and Ward’s collaborative effort is titled She & Him and their debut album, Volume 1, will be released on March 18.

Listen to the first released track from the record – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

Asians Are Funny

My beloved cousin Aran happens to come up with the funniest things.


White People Like Asian Girls, Barack Obama, Divorce, Standing Still At Concerts


I came across this other WordPress blog the other day. It’s dedicated to “Stuff White People Like.” It’s brilliant, I’ve not laughed that hard in a long while. My favorite post by far is #11 Asian Girls. Being one myself…or half of one at least, I find it pretty humorous. Yellow fever!

There are scads of other quality posts including, #10 Wes Anderson Movies, #72 Study Abroad and #69 Mos Def.

Check it out.

Rich and Rappin’


This past weekend I drove the lofty five hours across Georgia and into Alabama all to see Lord T and Eloise, rap’s favorite aristocrats, perform at the Bourbon Street Bar in Auburn.

The show was excellent, better even than I had hoped. Everyone had a great time, there wasn’t a still body in the house. I even got over my extreme Chorophobia and danced the night away (completely void of rhythm of course).

Lord T and Eloise, along with MysterE got down and dirty in front of a projected screen displaying photos of fellow aristocrats, mansions and distinguished ladies.


My friends and I got the chance to meet Lord T after the show and he’s a very charming fellow I must say, generous too. He and Eloise threw cash out into the crowd like it was candy.

Sarah, the one responsible for my obsession with Lord T and Eloise, sadly could not make it. She was there in spirit though and I called her a great many times and held my cell high in the air, like an idiot, so she could “get down”.

For those of you who will be lucky enough to attend SXSW this year, make sure you check out Lord T and Eloise. There is nothing short of a good time with these guys.


Sarah! I wish you had been there.

Jimmy Kimmel F***ed Ben Affleck

Matt Damon’s/Jimmy Kimmel’s/Sarah Silverman‘s faux feud has expanded to include a long list of Hollywood’s hottest. Kimmel’s retort to his girlfriend’s (Silverman) confessional video was to make a video just like hers. And since Silverman was hooking up with Damon, Kimmel got it on with none other than Damon’s BFF, Ben Affleck. The video cameos a star-studded cast including Brad Pitt, Joan Jett, Robin Williams, Pete Wentz, Cameron Diaz, Dominic Monaghan, Harrison Ford, McLovin and even Huey Lewis (you know…of Huey Lewis and The News!), and a chorus of others.

Kimmel wins the war, hands down.

I Found Heaven Back In The Day


I was working in the Savannah office today and a coworker, Libby (the most fun you could ever have balled up into one person), took me to lunch at a place called Back in the Day Bakery on Bull Street.

Let me tell you…they had the best cupcakes I have ever had. I mean their cupcakes rival Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s in NYC, and that’s hard to do! Ellen DeGeneres, AOL and The New York Times all agree…Back in the Day Bakery has some of the best cupcakes you will ever scarf down.

I opted for the “Chocolate Heaven,” being the chocoholic that I am. Moist chocolate cake with creamy chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles pilled high. Trust me, it was heaven. If you’re not into chocolate they’ve got quite the variety of flavors, including: lemon coconut, double dipped chocolate ganache, red velvet and carrot cake to name a few.

Is your mouth watering yet?