Cavalli Dresses Coke

Fashion Designer Roberto Cavalli has dressed some of the world’s most notable names and now he’s adding an even bigger name to the list – Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Light (Europe’s version of Diet Coke) will be getting a fall fashion makeover compliments of Cavalli himself. He’s created a trio of limited-edition designs to adorn the classic glass soda bottles.  The three motifs feature the designer’s staple animal prints – zebra and leopard.

The limited run of 300,000 bottles will be distributed exclusively in Italy from September through December.

For those of you not fortunate enough to be living in, or visiting Italia this fall, fear not, expect a bevy of ebay listings for these covetable creations.


Too True Musings

Mine and Sarah’s conversation of the day.

Sarah: I feel so classy with my Maker’s Mark in my Taco Bell cup.

Me: Ha! Well at least the whiskey is delish.

Sarah: I want to make something. Maybe banana pudding. That’s good sad, single girl food. Nothing like loving something that you’ll still be able to eat without my dentures 50 years from now in my still single life…I’d like to throw a special shout out to M.J. who made today just a little bit grayer.

Dump-ster Diver


We’ve all been dumped before, at least most of us have. And in our melancholy, disheartened, dejected, self loathing state few things can really make us feel better. Not buckets of Death By Chocolate ice cream, not the depressive croonings of Jeff Buckley, not watching Love Actually until the laser in the dvd player burns a hole through the disc…and not even the post breakup talk with our friends.

In the sense that, what other do they say than, “Whatever, you’ll find someone better, his eyes were way too close together and we never even liked him from the start, blah blah, blah,,,and he’s not worth your time because you deserve a real nice guy.etc etc.” I mean they’re all true musings but is that really what you want to hear? That your friends thought your beloved was an asshole to begin with and you stooped so low as to wail and bemoan over some low life scumbag?


But it’s not like they are in the wrong. All they’re doing is trying to lift your spirits a few inches above the sludge pit that you’ve been wallowing in. And admit it, you’re just as guilty of the same charge.

I myself have a really hard time of driving the sympathy train. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not sympathetic. I just can’t seem to do much more than throw out a ridiculously corny joke in hopes of easing the heart of my crestfallen friend (i.e. What do you call a mushroom that walks into a bar and buys everyone a drink? – Fungi!) Yes they are always that lame. And no, it never really works.

But something that does work is a good amount of alcohol in your bloodstream (and by good amount I mean excessive amounts). And a distraction. Well, what you think you need is a distraction but what you really need is someone to remind you of who you are. Maybe a really good friend of the opposite sex who’ll challenge you to a game of beer pong, tells you how awesome your new haircut is (before you even ask) and not once mention anything about the reason as to why you’re eyes are so puffy. Most importantly, someone who’s going to make you feel like your old self again.

These might help a little too. :p

Sharp Dressed Man


Claudia? Can I step in? Just for a second. Pretty please?

Joseph Gordon Levitt gets “tied up” in Paris with Claudia Schiffer for a steamy GQ photoshoot.

Some girls just have all the luck…

90210 Deux


There’s been quite a bit of buzz circulating the Internet about a Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off. So far we know that Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars, has been enlisted to be a writer/creator for the show and we have a faint clue as to what the main characters will be like.

According to

The show will focus on a drunk old actress whose son moves in with her to take care of her. He brings his athletic wife and two kids…two 16-year-olds: Daughter Annie and adopted son Dixon. Annie is an emo/theater kid who’s desperate to fit in with the cool crowd. Dylan, er, Dixon is a supersmart bad boy who has lingering social and behavioral issues — and not an ounce of nerdiness in him.

* Daphne Silver, a wannabe socialite who hosts her own YouTube series. She becomes good pals with Annie and has a crush on Dixon (as well as the only Jewish girl at BevHills High with a black boyfriend — another hint that producers are considering making Dixon’s character non-white).

* Max Silver, Daphne’s 24-year-old brother, is a working man who manages the family movie theater at the Century City Mall (the new show’s version of the Peach Pit, perhaps?) He seems forever on the verge of a nervous breakdown and appears to be harboring some secrets.

* Navid Shirazi produces the high school’s student-run video newscast and is of Middle Eastern descent. He’s the consummate high school politician.

* Ethan Ward is a likable jock who falls out of favor with the “in” crowd and ends up hanging with the “90210” crew.

* Naomi Bennett is Ethan’s super-hot, ultra-rich ex-girlfriend. She appears to be a brat but will end up having more layers.

I’m on the fence about this. I grew up idolizing Brenda Walsh, swooning over Dylan McKay and holding my breath and clutching my pillow at the end of every episode tormented that I had would have to wait another seven days to see what outlandish high school tragedy would befall my buddies from Beverly Hills. So, part of me wants to jump for joy that the dramatics of BHHS will be revisited and that the Peach Pit’s doors will once again be open for business. But why mess with perfection?

Already the character synopsis’ pale in comparison to the paragon that was the original 90210 cast. I mean all the new characters are lesser spawns of the originals. i.e. Naomi is obviously the Kelly character, Ethan is most definitely Steve. Navid, “the consummate high school politician” is an obvious take on Brandon. Daphne Silver? Umm, Andrea…is that you? Max Silver, you and David share a little more than just a last name. Annie’s emo persona is definitely Miss Brenda Walsh and last but not least, Dixon is a wannabe Dylan.

(But where’s Donna? Tori Spelling is basically throwing herself onto the creators of the new 90210 for a spot on the show. And I say give it to her! I’d love to see the old cast intertwined with the new.)

If you’re going to spin-off a classic at least come at it with some artistic integrity. I’m curious to see how this all turns out. I’m just hoping the entire cast of 90210 cameos. Crossing my fingers.

Georgia On My Mind

This precious little girl is my cousin Georgia. There is no purpose to this post other than to show you all how adorable she is.



Hobbit Has A New Habit


Paparazzi photos allow us to spy into the everyday lives of our favorite celebs. We can see who they lunch with, where they vacation and who they hang out with, but what if we could see their lives from a different perspective? Their own. With so many pictures being taken of your favorite celebs, do you ever wonder what they themselves take pictures of?

Dominic Monaghan of Lord of the Rings and LOST is showcasing an exhibition of his photography at Los Angeles’ Hamilton-Selway Fine Art gallery now through March 27.

The exhibition is titled “Happy Accidents” and according to the World Entertainment News Network is described by Monaghan as, “Those moments where you don’t expect what is going to happen, but it ends up being something good.”

Happy accidents or not, it’s apparent that photography is just one more talent that Monaghan has under his belt (In addition to acting, Monaghan is also an accomplished musician, but what actor isn’t these days, right?) This particular creative outlet is a way for Monaghan to enjoy one of his true passions. Nature. Which happens to be the focus of most of his photography.

Monaghan has been known to be a zealous wildlife enthusiast and has supported many wildlife organizations. 20 percent of the proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

The exhibition also features photos of many of the British import’s former costars from both Lord of the Rings and LOST, including Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Billy Boyd, Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellen.

These photos serve as a glimpse into the real life and interests of the actor famous for portraying Oceanic 815’s favorite junky.

Click to enlarge photos: