Rich and Rappin’


This past weekend I drove the lofty five hours across Georgia and into Alabama all to see Lord T and Eloise, rap’s favorite aristocrats, perform at the Bourbon Street Bar in Auburn.

The show was excellent, better even than I had hoped. Everyone had a great time, there wasn’t a still body in the house. I even got over my extreme Chorophobia and danced the night away (completely void of rhythm of course).

Lord T and Eloise, along with MysterE got down and dirty in front of a projected screen displaying photos of fellow aristocrats, mansions and distinguished ladies.


My friends and I got the chance to meet Lord T after the show and he’s a very charming fellow I must say, generous too. He and Eloise threw cash out into the crowd like it was candy.

Sarah, the one responsible for my obsession with Lord T and Eloise, sadly could not make it. She was there in spirit though and I called her a great many times and held my cell high in the air, like an idiot, so she could “get down”.

For those of you who will be lucky enough to attend SXSW this year, make sure you check out Lord T and Eloise. There is nothing short of a good time with these guys.


Sarah! I wish you had been there.




Meet Lord T. and Eloise, Memphis’ self proclaimed, “Aristocrunkers,” who dress up as 17th century aristocrats and rap about cashmere sweaters, golf, Aston Martins and prep school.

As for their unique look, Lord T. was born with glistening white locks and Eloise’s body is made of solid gold.

Lord T. and Eloise have been making quite the impression with their new sub-genre of rap. They were featured as editor’s picks on, Radar Magazine featured them in their September issue outlining the growing popularity of Aristocrunk, and Eloise made an appearance at the Grammy Awards this past week.

Their upcoming tour dates include SXSW in Austin next month, and luckily for me they will be playing at my old stomping grounds of Auburn, AL at the Bourbon Street Bar. You had better believe that I will be making a special trip to The Plains just for that show!

Check out the video for their single, “Million Dollar Boots.”