Too True Musings

Mine and Sarah’s conversation of the day.

Sarah: I feel so classy with my Maker’s Mark in my Taco Bell cup.

Me: Ha! Well at least the whiskey is delish.

Sarah: I want to make something. Maybe banana pudding. That’s good sad, single girl food. Nothing like loving something that you’ll still be able to eat without my dentures 50 years from now in my still single life…I’d like to throw a special shout out to M.J. who made today just a little bit grayer.


11 Responses

  1. Sarah sounds like an alcoholic.

  2. I’ve got a disease, Allison. Try to be understanding. Please.

  3. At least start drinking it in a real glass and not old fast food crap. That’s at least a little classy.

  4. recycling. she was only thinking of the environment.

  5. I kind of passed on the class when I decided to pull into Taco Bell, didn’t I, Al? You should really try it sometime though. It’s liberating.

  6. She should think about her liver and not the environment.

  7. Thanks Allison #1 and Allison #2. I really appreciate your concern. You’re the best.

  8. This is an alcoholic friendly environment, guys. Whether you drink whiskey in a paper cup or a glass tumbler you’re gonna get the same results! Now, let’s just take a minute to walk on over to our liqour cabinet, make ourselves a drink, chill and show some love.

  9. This conversation is very amusing. Such haters. I can personally attest to the fact that Sarah is, in fact, not an alcoholic.

  10. SUCH haters. Well said, Kate, and may I say, only an alcoholic by choice. 🙂

  11. Whatever.

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