90210 Deux


There’s been quite a bit of buzz circulating the Internet about a Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off. So far we know that Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars, has been enlisted to be a writer/creator for the show and we have a faint clue as to what the main characters will be like.

According to Gawker.com

The show will focus on a drunk old actress whose son moves in with her to take care of her. He brings his athletic wife and two kids…two 16-year-olds: Daughter Annie and adopted son Dixon. Annie is an emo/theater kid who’s desperate to fit in with the cool crowd. Dylan, er, Dixon is a supersmart bad boy who has lingering social and behavioral issues — and not an ounce of nerdiness in him.

* Daphne Silver, a wannabe socialite who hosts her own YouTube series. She becomes good pals with Annie and has a crush on Dixon (as well as the only Jewish girl at BevHills High with a black boyfriend — another hint that producers are considering making Dixon’s character non-white).

* Max Silver, Daphne’s 24-year-old brother, is a working man who manages the family movie theater at the Century City Mall (the new show’s version of the Peach Pit, perhaps?) He seems forever on the verge of a nervous breakdown and appears to be harboring some secrets.

* Navid Shirazi produces the high school’s student-run video newscast and is of Middle Eastern descent. He’s the consummate high school politician.

* Ethan Ward is a likable jock who falls out of favor with the “in” crowd and ends up hanging with the “90210” crew.

* Naomi Bennett is Ethan’s super-hot, ultra-rich ex-girlfriend. She appears to be a brat but will end up having more layers.

I’m on the fence about this. I grew up idolizing Brenda Walsh, swooning over Dylan McKay and holding my breath and clutching my pillow at the end of every episode tormented that I had would have to wait another seven days to see what outlandish high school tragedy would befall my buddies from Beverly Hills. So, part of me wants to jump for joy that the dramatics of BHHS will be revisited and that the Peach Pit’s doors will once again be open for business. But why mess with perfection?

Already the character synopsis’ pale in comparison to the paragon that was the original 90210 cast. I mean all the new characters are lesser spawns of the originals. i.e. Naomi is obviously the Kelly character, Ethan is most definitely Steve. Navid, “the consummate high school politician” is an obvious take on Brandon. Daphne Silver? Umm, Andrea…is that you? Max Silver, you and David share a little more than just a last name. Annie’s emo persona is definitely Miss Brenda Walsh and last but not least, Dixon is a wannabe Dylan.

(But where’s Donna? Tori Spelling is basically throwing herself onto the creators of the new 90210 for a spot on the show. And I say give it to her! I’d love to see the old cast intertwined with the new.)

If you’re going to spin-off a classic at least come at it with some artistic integrity. I’m curious to see how this all turns out. I’m just hoping the entire cast of 90210 cameos. Crossing my fingers.


Striking Writers Spoof Sitcoms


The long, very drug out process of the writers’ strike left viewers, actors, producers, directors and even the writers….well, bored out of their wits.

Some of us viewers took the past few months to catch up on (or review) the last few seasons of LOST, or had Netflix and OnDemand to keep us occupied. As for the actors, producers and directors…well they probably took a much needed holiday. But other than striking, what were the writers doing?

Well, they spoofed other sitcoms of course!

The writers of today’s hottest shows rallied together with NY Mag, not to picket, but to write up short synopsis’s of how they would write other TV shows. The writers of The Simpson’s took on The Office. Ugly Betty’s crew tackled the Gossip Girl script. The pens behind The Office’s quips tried their hands at Friday Night Lights.

There were a few other entertaining swaps but the best by far has to be the writers of The Daily Show taking on the series finales for 13 shows, including, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, House, American Gladiator, Rachel Ray, CSI and Mad Men.

Here’s an excerpt:

By J. R. Havlan, Steve Bodow, Rob Kutner, Tim Carvell, Jason Ross, Kevin Bleyer, Rachel Axler, Sam Means, Scott Jacobson, and Rich Blomquist, writers from The Daily Show

It turns out the island is actually a peninsula. Boy, are they embarrassed.

How I Met Your Mother
The show takes a dark and unexpected turn when Ted’s children are conceived, but then aborted.

Mad Men
Everyone on the show dies, just minutes before the surgeon general warns that a diet of martinis, Lucky Strikes, and hard-boiled eggs might not be the best idea.

American Gladiators
In an embarrassing mix-up, Simon, Randy, and Paula tell Militia he will not be going to Hollywood. He kills them.

Rachel Ray
Rachael wraps a pretzel in a piece of bologna and calls it a “healthy 30-second snack.” TV executives reward her with another multimillion-dollar contract.

View the rest of the spoofs at NY Mag.

Getting Pierced


The Pierces are a folk-pop duo out of New York City, by way of Birmingham, Alabama. The sisterly Southern belles found semi-stardom by performing their song, “Three Wishes” on the teen soap sensation, Gossip Girl.

It just so happens that a good friend of mine, who happens to be an avid fanatic of the series, recommended this band to me. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of disheartened songstresses, not unless they’re a real talent (see: Jenny Lewis, Regina Spektor), but I figured I’d give The Pierces a listen.

While I’m sure their stunning good-looks make quite the impression, I can’t say the same for their new album, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge. Their songwriting and choice of musical arrangements are plucky at best but I’m afraid the album as a whole is…well…the title of their new single says it best, “Boring.”

On a brighter note, songs like gypsy-folk, glockenspiel laden, “Three Wishes” and ghostly semi-erotic, “Go To Heaven,” make me think these girls have potential and with the likes of Gossip Girl name dropping The Pierces, their career can only blossom.

And as The Pierces and I share the same Alma Mater, Auburn University, I wish them all the luck in the world. War Eagle, girls!