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Oh He’s not Dead

*Just as a warning, if you haven’t watched the latest LOST episode, “Ji Yeon,” you may not want to read on.


Last night’s ep was 10 times better than last week’s Juliet-centric episode (gag). I always looks forward to Sun and Jin episodes as they are two of my favorite characters on the show.

We found out that Michael is the spy on Widmore’s boat. Which was pretty obvious, well at least to my friend Wes who noticed that his name was in the opening credits all season. We also found out that Sun is one of the Oceanic 6. Again, pretty obvious. Just for the fact that I don’t think anyone would have let her stay on the island since her life was in peril due to having conceived a child on the island.

So, for the first 45 mins of the episode we are led to believe that Jin also made it off the island, but in true LOST form we find out that is not the case. We are shown a Sun flash forward and a Jin flash back.

Sun successfully gives birth to a baby girl, Ji Yeon. (The name that Jin suggested for the baby while they were on the island.)

Hurley visits Sun in Korea and they both go to see Jin’s “grave.”

Sun is weeping and saying how much she misses him. (I think I actually cried more than Sun did.) Well, and then here’s the kicker. The camera pans to the tombstone and the date of death on the tombstone reads… 9/22/04. Yea, that’s right. The day of the crash! Which HAS to mean that Jin is still alive and just stuck on the island. BTW I’m going to have to give Jameson credit for this one because I sure as hell did not notice the date on the grave.

And no Wes, Jin did not die on the island “at some point.” There is no way. Just because the 6 are saying that everyone else died during the crash and you think Jin did die and that Sun is just sticking to that story is complete bull. He’s alive and well. Why else would Sun have gone psycho in the maternity ward? If he were really dead she wouldn’t have been yelling for him or refusing to take her wedding ring off. Also at the grave site, in literal Korean translation Sun was saying “I want to see you.” Not, “I miss you.” I think you can say I’m a legitimate source as I am Korean….even if my Korean is a bit rusty.

On another note. I know previously I said that Kate stole baby Aaron from Claire and is claiming it as her own. Well I was thinking that there is no way that she could plausibly say that Aaron is her child because she would have had to have been nine months pregnant when the plane crashed and there were definitely people who had seen her previous to the crash (i.e. her mother) granted it would have been months before but still. So, I think she must have gone with the story that everyone died, she found Aaron and took him in as her own. Which would make her sound like quite the hero to the courts wouldn’t you say?

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