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Kate Hijack’s Baby Aaron


Last night’s episode of LOST was insane! My heart was racing for the last 10 minutes of the show. Basically, in a flash forward we see that Kate somehow has possession of baby Aaron. CLAIRE’s baby Aaron. The only way that I can think this happened is that Kate stole Aaron from Claire. There is no possible way that Claire died because if she had died and left the baby in Kate’s care Jack would not have acted the way he had when Kate brought up seeing the baby.

Also, Claire must be alive because that has to be the reason that Charlie’s ghost is haunting Hurley. He needs Hurley to go back and rescue Claire.

Another thing I thought of was the episode in season one, (Raised By Another) where Clarie visits a fortune teller. The fortune teller is obviously terrified when he read her her fortune and tells her that NO ONE else can raise the child. That she alone must raise the baby because danger and evil surround him. Ok, obvious connection here. Kate is now raising Aaron. I am so anxious to see what happens.

Best show ever. Best season yet!

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