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Rainn For Independent Spirit Awards


Film Independent’s Spirit Awards are hands down my favorite entertainment awards ceremony of the year.

I’m a big fan of the indie genre. There’s just something that feels more real, more raw with indie flicks. Some favorites being Brick, The Squid and the Whale, In America, Once, Donnie Darko, Elephant and Mysterious Skin.

Not only do I get to see some of my favorite films of the past year getting the praise they deserve, but this year one of my favorite comedic actors is hosting the ceremony, Rainn Wilson. Sure, Sarah Silverman has done a great job the past two years, but crude jokes about Britney Spears can only take you so far. I’m sure Wilson has some insane hilarity prepared for independent film’s big night.

Below I’ve outlined my winner picks for a few choice categories of this year’s Spirit Awards:


Best Feature

* I’m going to have to go with Juno. Hands down, my favorite film of the year. It was smart, plucky and the heroine was exactly the kind of character young girls can look up to. Juno was a breath of fresh air. It was a tough decision between that and A Mighty Heart (being a journalist, it definitely plucked at my heart strings and not to mention I happen to be Angelina Jolie’s biggest fan.)

Best First Feature

* And the winner is…The Lookout. Great film, very original and Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a phenomenal job (as always). I wouldn’t be disapointed f Vanaja took the award either. I haven’t seen it but I hear it’s simply magical.

Best Female Lead

Angelina Jolie
Sienna Miller
Ellen Page
Parker Posey
Tang Wei
* This one is going to Angelina. This was a tough role and she knocked it out of the park.
Best Supporting Male
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Marcus Carl Franklin
Kene Holliday
Irfan Khan
Steve Zahn

* This one could go to either Irfan Khan or Steve Zahn. If you’re wondering why I didn’t pick a Best Male Lead it’s because I am protesting it. I can’t understand how Christian Bale wasn’t nominated for his role as Dieter Dengler in Rescue Dawn, he was sensational…to say the least.

Click here to see the full list of nominees.

Watch Film Independent’s Spirit Awards on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 5p.m. et on IFC.

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