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Striking Writers Spoof Sitcoms


The long, very drug out process of the writers’ strike left viewers, actors, producers, directors and even the writers….well, bored out of their wits.

Some of us viewers took the past few months to catch up on (or review) the last few seasons of LOST, or had Netflix and OnDemand to keep us occupied. As for the actors, producers and directors…well they probably took a much needed holiday. But other than striking, what were the writers doing?

Well, they spoofed other sitcoms of course!

The writers of today’s hottest shows rallied together with NY Mag, not to picket, but to write up short synopsis’s of how they would write other TV shows. The writers of The Simpson’s took on The Office. Ugly Betty’s crew tackled the Gossip Girl script. The pens behind The Office’s quips tried their hands at Friday Night Lights.

There were a few other entertaining swaps but the best by far has to be the writers of The Daily Show taking on the series finales for 13 shows, including, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, House, American Gladiator, Rachel Ray, CSI and Mad Men.

Here’s an excerpt:

By J. R. Havlan, Steve Bodow, Rob Kutner, Tim Carvell, Jason Ross, Kevin Bleyer, Rachel Axler, Sam Means, Scott Jacobson, and Rich Blomquist, writers from The Daily Show

It turns out the island is actually a peninsula. Boy, are they embarrassed.

How I Met Your Mother
The show takes a dark and unexpected turn when Ted’s children are conceived, but then aborted.

Mad Men
Everyone on the show dies, just minutes before the surgeon general warns that a diet of martinis, Lucky Strikes, and hard-boiled eggs might not be the best idea.

American Gladiators
In an embarrassing mix-up, Simon, Randy, and Paula tell Militia he will not be going to Hollywood. He kills them.

Rachel Ray
Rachael wraps a pretzel in a piece of bologna and calls it a “healthy 30-second snack.” TV executives reward her with another multimillion-dollar contract.

View the rest of the spoofs at NY Mag.

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