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Sarah Silverman F***ed Matt Damon

Apparently there’s been a running joke between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon. Jimmy’s been snubbing Matt on his show for years, so as payback Matt teamed up with Sarah Silverman, Kimmel’s comic girlfriend, and dedicated a little diddy to the funnyman himself.

*ed. note – to see I’m f***ing Ben Affleck click here.

3 Responses

  1. This is so funny. I didn’t understand ‘why’ she made this, until I saw the first video above. Thanks for showing them both together.

    So funny!!!

  2. […] Kimmel F***ed Ben Affleck Posted on February 25, 2008 by missraconteur Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel/Sarah Silverman’s faux feud has expanded to include a long list of Hollywood’s hottest. Kimmel’s […]

  3. […] Laughing out loud at this – those who know me claim that I don’t laugh out loud very much (tough audience) so […]

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