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“Kate The Great” Farley, Not Hepburn


This post is dedicated to Miss Kate Griffin Farley. For whom without I would have surely become a Central Park bag lady.

Kate took me in when I needed her most and I will forever be indebted to her for it.

I called her sobbing from the balcony of an Upper East Side studio that had grown too small to contain the overwhelming emotions that come from a one-sided relationship. She gallantly hopped a cab in the middle of the night and rode to my rescue.

We drank raspberry slushies from the corner 7-Eleven and ate lemon pies (or was it apple, Kate?) The very next day she took me home for the best medicine in times of emotional anguish, she took me home to mommy. Not mine, but the next best thing, hers.

We donned aprons, cooked lentil bean soup and baked the most delicious euphoria-inducing chocolaty chocolate cake. We watched movies, went shopping, played with puppies…oh, just a few of my favorite things.

Breaking up’s not so bad. So long as you have friends like these…and a sweet tooth.

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