Flags Of Our Follies





A team of five artists from Lisbon, Portugal have created an awareness campaign called, “Meet The World.”

The campaign consists of eight national flags from various countries being represented in a new light, or shadow rather. They’ve taken statistics they’ve gathered from Amnesty International and the United Nations to reinterpret the colors on each flag. The topics portrayed by the eight flags come from shocking statistics that touch on current world events such as drug trafficking in Columbia, the war in Iraq and infant mortality in Africa.

The “Meet The World” campaign has been circulating the globe via email chain letters.

Meet the world, indeed.


Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Image a world in which Jude Law portrays sword wielding swashbuckler, Will Turner. Or one where Matthew McConaughey falls for a debutante darling named Rose De Witt Bukater aboard the USS Titanic or perhaps even one in which Haley Joel Osment, of Sixth Sense fame, trades in his paranormal communication abilities for a broom, a wand and classes at Hogwarts.

“Noooo,” you say. “Impossible.” But these casting decisions nearly came to pass.

Notstarring.com has put together the most comprehensive list of shoulda, woulda, coulda roles on the interweb. Search your favorite actor for every role they turned down or got turned down for.